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Whatfuk (English)

A pretty, dark-skinned girl is having a good time in the woods with her close companion and a large man sporting a huge and hard cock. Do you think this is being adapted from an episode of “WakFu”? Okay, it’s not an official episode ofcourse but just a hentai parody comic… But it’s true that you would like to watch Evangeline performing the dirty things, don’t you?

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Whatfuk 2 [English]

The powerful stronghold was seized by wood elves who won the battle. Now young beauties are able to relax and ease tension. They strip off and begin kissing. They feel the passion within their souls. Then the lady starts to fist fuck the female of another girl, sending her to snot and moans. Fisting is an integral part of sexual pleasure, even if there’s no meat sausage for males. Find out the outcome.

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